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What is Autism?

Autism Treatment

A neurodevelopmental disorder that generally appears before the age of three. Autism affects the typical progression of neurodevelopment in regions of the brain associated with social interaction, communication skills, and overall cognitive functioning. Common delays observed in individuals with autism include difficulties with communication (both verbal and non-verbal), atypical play/leisure skills and difficulties with social interactions. The overall adaptive functioning in individuals with Autism is noted as delayed as well.

The most recent figures from the National Autism Association note that Autism now affects 1 in 44 children, with males being four times more likely to have Autism than females. Autism is a spectrum disorder and does display great variety in all affected, no two people with Autism are alike.

Autism Treatment Services in Miami, FL


After receiving an autism diagnosis, the next step is finding a way to improve your and your child’s quality of life. We understand that every autism diagnosis is different, and each should be treated uniquely. Our autism treatment services in Miami, FL, offer specialized solutions to help you or a loved one improve their quality of life.

At A1A Behavioral Health we provide top-quality, individualized treatment plans to address the challenges associated with Autism and other related disorders. The treatment approach utilized is known as ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy. Applied behavior analysis applies the principles of learning theory in a systematic approach to modifying behaviors. The overall goal of ABA therapy is to increase adaptive skills and replacement behaviors while focusing on interventions to diminish maladaptive behaviors. The systematic approach to treatment planning includes identifying how behavior works, how behavior is affected by the environment and how learning takes place. Considering these elements is crucial to developing a treatment plan aimed at modifying behavior. Treatment focuses on increasing language abilities, developing communication skills, improving attention, fostering social skills and decreasing problem behaviors.