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Autism Treatment Services in Miami, FL

ABA therapy is a service delivered to your child daily (or as routinely as possible). Please be assured that we work around the parents/family/ and child’s schedule(s) to ensure comfort and consistent care.  Duration of treatment sessions can range from 15 to 35 hours per week depending on each child’s needs.

Following the development of the treatment plan, a trained Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) will join your child daily to implement the treatment plan. Data collection is a critical portion of implementing treatment. Data will be collected daily to chart the progress the child is making in increasing functional replacement behaviors and decreasing problem or challenging behaviors. On a weekly basis the BCBA assigned to your child’s care will meet with you to discuss treatment progress, modifications to the program and provide caregiver training. Additionally, the BCBA will oversee the competency of the RBT assigned to your child’s care to ensure the treatment plan is being applied with fidelity. Every six months your child is formally re-evaluated by the BCBA to assess progress and efficacy of treatment.

Location Of Services

A1A is unique in the sense that it is equipped and has proven success in providing treatment in South Florida at:

  • Child’s Residence.
  • Childs School/Daycare.
  • A1A Treatment Care Center
  • Other – Services can be provided in other locations as mutually agreed approved by Family, A1A, and accepted by licensing board.

Please note services can be provided in a combination of all of the above service locations.  A1A is flexible and will work with the family to ensure that all care is provided in a comfortable, safe, and most beneficial environment for the child.

Behavior Analysis Of Child Development